Radboud University

Working at Radboud University

Employees have a high level of freedom to determine the way they structure the work they do at Radboud University. The working atmosphere puts individuals on centre stage. Radboud University offers customised facilities to better align work and private life. Parents are entitled to partly paid parental leave and Radboud University employees enjoy flexibility in the way they structure their work. This flexibility extends to the conditions of employment and some aspects of the conditions of employment can be fine-tuned to the employee’s wishes. Options include a tax-free reimbursement for a bicycle or fitness.

Radboud University facilitates their employees career development with a variety of programmes, including the Create your own career programme. We do this in different ways:

  • Navigator: Radboud University’s career portal in which employees can work towards developing their own career path. Navigator contains useful tests and tools, temporary work within and outside the University, a resume check and information about career development.
  • The Expertise Centre Development, the internal career service, offers specific career development assistance.
  • Education policy: For all employee categories, Radboud University offers facilities that will help development employees’ careers. To increase prospects both inside and outside of academia, we offer part or complete compensation for training, depending on how it correlates with your current job.