Radboud University

Living and working in Nijmegen

Its good accessibility, extensive cultural offerings, scenic surroundings and historic centre make Nijmegen a pleasant city to live and work.Nijmegen is a true university town. The town has numerous pubs, cafés and cultural venues. Located beside the river Waal, and next to the stunning nature reserve De Ooij, Nijmegen finds itself surrounded by nature. The villages Berg en Dal and Heilig Landstichting, as well as the nearby German villages and towns, attract a lot of visitors. Within 10 minutes you can exchange the vibrant city for the serene calm of nature.

Radboud University has an International Staff Information Desk for her international staff. At the Information Desk members can ask questions related to working at Radboud University and living in the Netherlands. Whether you have questions about health insurance, conditions of employment, international exchanges, housing, public transportation, a letter you received in Dutch, or grocery shopping, the Information Desk is the place to go.